Katzen's Spring Exhibition: 

A 360° Video Tour

By: Sasha Jones, Katrina Kincade, Katya Podkovyroff Lewis, and Kris Schneider

The American University Museum is a three-story public museum and sculpture garden located within the university's dynamic and multidisciplinary Katzen Arts Center. The Spring 2018 exhibitions include works by artists Carol Brown Goldberg, Francisco Toledo, Miya Ando, Michael Clark, and Jiha Moon as well as the Master of Fine Art First Year and Thesis exhibitions. 

Rebecca Basu, the Public Relations Manager for the museum, led the 360 tour of the new Spring exhibits. “These are rotating shows so the exhibitions we show are very diverse,” she said of the selections on display at the museum. 


Basu explains the variety in the museum from Miya Ando’s art is inspired by Buddhist art and meditative pieces to Jiha Moon, a Korean artist working with cross-cultural intersections between East and West. 


“In this day and age, we have a very blended global economy and East and West is sort of an allusion,” Basu said. 

Michael Clark’s current exhibit is also featured by the Katzen Museum. As a Washington-based artist influenced by Impressionism and Classical Modernism. Basu said the exhibit is sponsored by the Alper Initiative for Washington Art, which is a dedicated space in Katzen for DC artists. 


“The third floor is Carol Brown Goldberg’s Entanglement is densely packed images of foliage and fantastical large-scale pieces and then we have Francisco Toledo’s exhibition where he is showing is the process of printmaking,” Basu said. 

On average, Katzen’s museum will hold five or six exhibitions per season which are about a month and a half, according to Basu. Katzen also publishes brochures and catalogs to supplement the exhibitions. 


“Everything else,” other than the Alper’s local artist feature, “rotates. We definitely do a lot of International Art because it is AU and that’s sort of our strength based on our location but it varies,” said Basu.  


The AU Museum is free and open to the public and is dedicated to research and displaying art history in Washington, DC.