This started me on my writing path and it wasn’t long before I started writing events that happened in my everyday life.

Some might call this journaling but when I found my so-called “journals” before starting college, I realized I was covering the events of my day to day life rather than reflecting on them.

I would take note of what someone said to me so I wouldn’t forget it later or write down a series of events to the best of my recollection.

Looking back, I can’t tell if this is more of a testament to how strange of a child I was or how natural of a reporter I was, because that’s just what I was doing: reporting.

My personal journals have lasted to this day filled with weekly planning spreads, unanticipated poems, questions to address later, and so much more.

Honestly, six-year-old me was much more in-tuned with what she wanted to write about and how to get there.

Regardless, the unconventional way that I was introduced to the craft of writing has led me to believe that my relationship with writing is unconventional. 


about my past

about the blog

I started this website as a professional site to have my resume and share in cover letters. But then it blossomed into a place where I can share my interests - from my opinions to advice to reviews and everything in between.
From August 2016 up until May 2019, I was in school full time learning the ins and outs of journalism and international relations. I changed my major more than once (from Literature to Environmental Science to Political Science to anything else you can think of) which required changing my entire schedule as well as the presentation of myself. 

Because of this, I created to become a 'professional'. Over the past few years, I added the blog to focus to share bits and pieces of myself. Being a professional and being a person should not be mutually exclusive... 
so here I am.

Burning red 🍁

about the rest

Recently I have shifted to become more appreciative of simplicity and learning how to live a more thoughtful, sustainable, and creative life. I'm candid and I appreciate honesty. There's no reason to hide behind a mask and call it professionalism (at this point, that much should be clear on my site). 


So my resume will show what I have done recently - I worked, I received a degree, and I mastered new skills. The published content tells the story of my growth as a writer - I became involved with Student Media Organizations on campus and I took full advantage of those platforms. And my projects speak to how I work in teams as well as what I'm most passionate about - creativity, the environment, and general improvement (as an individual, a society, an organization, or in general). 

I'm still figuring out what I want to be (and who I want to be for that matter) but this website is just a cumulation of all my pieces. So, enjoy. 




Takes a one week trip to Italy and start

I grew up as an army brat: meaning my family moved frequently, schools changed often, and friendships seldom lasted long.

However, the most significant consistency I had growing up was the written word.

Books were my escape; the way other children devoured sweets is equal to the way I devoured the words off pages.

I relied on my fictional friends to get me through a new school, a new city, a new country, and a new continent.

It wasn’t long before I started my own written journey - I started writing short stories of inanimate objects conversing, writing poems that did not always rhyme but usually involved trees, and writing lists to myself throughout the day to remember tasks to be completed later. 

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