What does this entail?

When I was hired at my first internship, I was told my position title was "Social Media and Strategic Marketing Intern.' Little did I know, that this would dictate a majority of my college career. From PR assistant to PR Director, New Member Marketing to Marketing Chair, and Social Media Intern to Communications Intern, I have learned that the bulk of positions I would both be interested in and fall into would be Social Media, Strategic Communications, Marketing, and Planning based. Therefore, below is my work surrounding (but not limited to) branding, content production, content management, social media, event promotion, and a variety of other tasks lumped under 'Communications'. 


Ijnet: a project of icfj

IJNet delivers the latest on global media innovation, news apps and tools, training opportunities and expert advice for professional and citizen journalists worldwide. Produced by the International Center for Journalists, IJNet follows the shifting journalism scene from a global perspective in seven languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

My duties with IJNet as a Communications Intern regarded managing social media, designing and coordinating engagement activities, tracking analytics and evaluating audience growth, and contributing written and multimedia content for publishing on the website.


AIHA (American International Health Alliance)

The American International Health Alliance (AIHA) is an international nonprofit organization working to advance global health through locally driven, locally owned, and locally sustainable health systems strengthening (HSS) and human resources for health (HRH) interventions.

My duties with AIHA as a Communications Intern regarded creating infographics, taking photos at HQ events, editing and producing video content for social media, posting frequently on social media, gathering data from Program Directors to tell captivating AIHA stories, and a few other things as well. As a Website Content Consultant, I assisted with content marketing and editorial strategy as well as ensuring the website (previously updated in 2016) was completely up to date.


Sigma Delta Tau

Our sorority was founded on the principles of diversity, fraternity, democracy, humanity, hope, and acceptance.

Today, our chapter at American University - founded in 1987 - continues to instill these values in the hearts of our members, while amalgamating these, among other convictions, with the addition of each new member.  

As Marketing Chair, my responsibilities included consistent branding of the sisterhood, posting on a regular schedule, organizing marketing events, content production, recruitment promotion, and the list goes on and on.


Investigative student media magazine, AWOL  

aims to ignite campus discussions on social, cultural and political issues. 


Independently founded by American University students in 2008, AWOL housed under AU’s Student Media Board. 


As PR assistant and eventually PR Director, I created AWOL's first Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, ran all other social medias, updated web content, and coordinating AWOL Marketing and PR events/campaigns.