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Poppa Poppa Poppa

You always said I had an eye for fashion

The designs I matched fit like pieces

of unmatched puzzles, but went together nonetheless.

You indulged my stories and humored my wild tendancies

"Poppa" sounded too masculine for you and Mamie was bit more too gentile and soft:

This transition from your adulthood to you seniority

Large oriental rugs, embroidered ivory curtains

Stubborn hugs with cigarette scented kisses

You understood my frustrations and encouraged my fascinations

My first taste of heroin was the affection of your love

Isolation was your symphony but you knew my wandering eyes needed

a d v e n t u r e

So books and magazines were clearly the answer

Never has a pine tree stood so tall

Nor breeze feel so sweet

Perhaps one day we'll reunite,

my treat.


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