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Coffee stains, wet hair

Laughing pains, something rare

Fumbling exchanges, drunk mistakes

Dynamic rearranges, rosy heartache

Holding hands, gentle kissing

You understand, never missing

A word I say or thought I hold

Future goals, past regrets

Connecting souls, uncertain threats

Jealousy rears, routine develops

Uncertainty nears, questions envelop

Answers given, trust perseveres

Emotionally driven for the future years

Late nights, early mornings

Dim lights, heart warming

Library dates, long talks

Questioning fate, starry walks

Times with you are my

f a v o r i t e

Too much, too soon

Caressing touch, our tune

Exciting trips, trying things

Soft lips, heart strings

You strum on me like your guitar

Look at me like a shooting star

Unravel me like a grimoire

Something about you is lyrical

Almost something empiricalI memorize you as my to-do list:

more than a chore but a hopeful wish


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