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Violent Delights

In the land of Denmark, a renowned king dies

The wife of him goes and married his brother

Her son distraught in the curious lies

For how could she if they loved each other?

The strangeness however has just begun

Since the boy is visited by a ghost

Looking much like his father, he stood stunned

As the guards had when standing at their post.

The ghost reveals the murderous plots of

His so called brother, Claudius, new king

Feigning madness fits Hamlet’s plotting glove

To take out Denmark’s rotten with one swing

Revenge lurks within the soul of the boy

Confusing his wits and sucking his joy.

Finding the source of Hamlet’s madness is

The current task of the kingdom, indeed

Polonius is sure it’s love of his

Ophelia’s heart thrown at him to plead.

Seconds before Hamlet contemplates death

He stands to whisper thoughts to thee above

But when he hears the sweetness of her breath

Hamlet denies ever feelings of love.

Second attempt to reveal his chaos

Involves childhood friends to spy on him

Playing with him as if he were a windbox

For how could they believe he’d be so dim?

Ah that is the question of loyalty,

For who comes first, the friend or royalty?

But, of course, the story does not end there

Because there must be a play within one

For Hamlet’s mad plot to work with care

But Claudius had enough madness, done.

Hamlet feels he has proof he is guilty

Now the games really may begin truly

But Gertrude is confused on how could he

And Hamlet says she downgraded cruelly.

In this discussion, he believes they’re alone

Until a quick movement behind the drapes

Hamlet stabs the spy, hearing a deep groan

Finding Polonians in such state.

Sent away to England, Hamlet is gone

And in from Paris, Laertes comes drawn

Ophelia, driven mad, singing songs

Handing out flowers, as social outcry

As her brother demands justice belonged

While Ophelia, hope is lost, goodbye.

Hamlet returns to a gravedigger and Yorrick

Stumbling upon the funeral of his one love

Hamlet wails and cries, very non stoic

Laertes disgusted by this, thereof

Claudius sets up a duel for the boys

And plots with Laertes to kill Hamlet

The final scene is filled with grace and poise

Ironically because ending the madness.

All characters end up dead within seconds

So Fortinbras appears in Denmark, beckoned.

Thus there is love and destruction within

This masterpiece of a human, Hamlet

Whose act of inaction got under his skin

But story holds true to those in transit

Between love and loyalty and revenge.

A tale of family not family at all

And madness being defined as unhinged

Which is what ultimately lead to their downfall.

A love so great, to refuse interaction

And a political faux pas to kill

The King, Hamlet lost it within fractions

Thus there was nothing to do but be still

And that was the greatest flaw of the tale

For the only way to love is to fail.