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Her soliloquy

To pardon or not to pardon, that is the question:

“The thousand natural shocks” of watching one break

A loved one’s heart into millions of shambled pieces.

To observe “the pangs of despised love” but being

far too young to assuage the damage done.

But wait, to have connection to both and have one

hurt the other is a strange and confusing predicament

to be in, for how does one address the hurt of one

without blaming the other?

Or are they both to blame?

No, for if one is to truly hurt another it is to take

their kindness and patience for weakness and that

in itself is abuse of love in the name of what we

are supposed to know what love is about.

“Thus conscience does make cowards of us all”,

for who are we to think our superiority reigns over

another when we are willing to hurt them in the

most degrading way possible.

To sit and to watch the situation as it passes by

is a hard reality to overcome when being in

such an awkward stage of not being too young

but not being old enough.

“Ay, there’s the rub” since how am I expected

to pardon and excuse such horrendous acts

of pain done to the other?

Am I required to lull around until the situation

solves itself? Or must I take action?

“And thus the native hue of resolution”

I can not forgive the inexcusable act

Of disloyalty done to one I love so dear.

Therefore, I am forced to be there for that one

Rather than for the other.


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