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Decomposing Home

piecing the weeds together, pulling and pushing against,

I have never known peace

damp as my eyes flutter to slowing pace

ravaging, bitten scabs infest my skin from my feasting nerves

"30, 30, 30," I follow the beat of my heart

rotting from within, i taste the iron of my own bitterness

unknown time, it passes at lengths I cannot comprehend

are the insects keeping track as they make their claim?

lay with me lover, throw me when you're done, I don't want to be found

raining to the sunshine, follow the breeze to my stench

slumber I dream of, colors mourning shade

creeping sunrise and radiant sunset

stillness at speeds unfathomable, endless.

losing temperature, I've always been one to freeze

burning from within and

turning to the glaciers bursting out of my chest

stillness. roots are thrashing within me.

begging and pleading to be out, earth thanking me for my contributions

fill me, I've never felt this hunger

allow me to thaw for you

buzzards splitting my ears,

crows curiously asking me how I am,

insect kissing to sustain my sadness

coyotes warning me of passing strangers

the flowers begin whispering words of welcome.


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