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How Representative Is Congress?

Most legislators are white, upper-middle-class males, although this group is a very small part of our entire population. This jeopardizes the interests of the women, minority, and poor populations. First and foremost, as noted again and again in the text, men and women can have a drastic opposing views or beliefs in terms of policy and legislation within the United States. Similarly, race and socioeconomic factors play an important role in determining solutions for a great many problems we have in this nation. That being said, if these distinctions are already noted and commented on by professionals as likely to have opposing or even only slightly differing views, how can a small proportion of the entire population make the decisions for the entire population? It is undeniable that as a woman, there are certain issues (such as abortion) that are clearly more prominent since such an action could influence your body. Similarly, as an African-American current events, such as increased police brutality, would directly impact your feelings of safety and security within the nation declaring to provide liberty, equality and democracy for all. Furthermore increased taxation on those with lower incomes could tremendously hurt the well being and simple means (such as food and basic necessities) of a family. All these sorts of issues are being decided by a population that has never stepped foot in the shoes of the populations feeling the pain imposed by this nation for centuries. Realistically with today’s system and procedures I find it very hard for an indent person to ever get elected into Congress but drastically hope for it in the future. The representation in Congress is starkingly different from the reality of the population and a poor example in comparison to the rest of the world.