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Calm Sunday #2

Best Part Of The Week: I got accepted into the Peace Corps Prep Program at American University and I'm pumped! As an International Relations major, the program will be part of my degree. Since my concentration is in Environmental Sustainability and Global Health, the Peace Corps has Environment, Health, and Community Building among the list of projects.

Worst Part Of The Week: I had a midterm, 2 projects, and a presentation all due this week which was a bit overwhelming but I made it!!!

Something I'm Grateful For: I went to a friendsgiving event on Friday and it was nice to just go out and relax. I met a few new people which just an extra plus AND I ate some delicious corn casserole (courtesy of Melany Rochester)

Something I'm Looking Forward To: Next week I fly home to Clarksville where I'll get to spend time with my mom, my punk brother and my best friends! It's been three months (but feels like an eternity) and at this point I just can't wait for Christmas Break.

Random Question -Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?: Sunsets, because even though sunrises symbolize new beginnings, sunsets mean you can start again.


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