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Calm Sunday #3

Best Part of The Week: I was introduced to Stephanie Logan, host for DC Diary podcast, which I am now OBSESSED with! It was a nice little reminder of how much I love living in DC even though the last few months I've been a little 'down in the dumps'. Each episode takes on a subject that I have thought about a lot lately and I think if you live in the DC area, you should definitely take a listen.

Worst Part of The Week: I've been having a bit of an existential crisis - I'm not sure what I want my presence to be online with this website or on social media in general. I did some revamping of the site (which if you come here frequently, you'll know) but otherwise I have some 'soul searching' to do in regards to this site. Which isn't really the 'worst' thing but a bit bothersome trying to figure out.

Something I'm Grateful For: My boyfriend and I went off campus, trying and revisiting several restaurants this week; it was nice to take a few breathers and just spend some time with him.

1) On Monday we had Indian food at Bindaas in Cleveland Park followed by Firehook Bakery for dessert

2) Tuesday accidently took the AU Shuttle to Springvalley so we went to Starbucks (nothing new here but it was nice to just study off campus)

3) Panera Bread in Tenley Town (again, nothing new but I was craving soup and mac&cheese)

4) Satay Club (ordered in and ate some yummy Lo Mein while finishing season one of True Detective)

5) After going to the National Zoo Lights, we finally decided to try Tail Up Goat where I had some delicious Spanikopita as well as a cheese platter and Brandon had meatballs (sounds simple but it was extravagant). Afterwards we had some good - but slightly overhyped - Insomnia Cookies.

Something I'm Looking Forward To: Tomorrow is the Media Release Party for Student Media organizations on campus and I am PUMPED. I have dedicated a lot of time this semester to student media (AWOL and The Eagle) so to see everyone's hard work will be super fun. Plus it's cocktail attire - I always enjoy a good dress up event.

Random Question - Whats your lucky number?: My lucky number is 3. Which I don't feel is that original because psychologically humans are drawn to the number three since it creates visual interest so I guess I just fit that mold. Regardless, there's something about odd numbers that has always interested me. It's balanced: photography and art utilize the Rule of Thirds; every story has a beginning, middle and end; and good things always come in three's. I think of the number three as comfort and unique.

This week has been rather good honestly. I came home from Thanksgiving Break last Sunday and while it was nice being home, it's also nice being back in DC. On the same note, I can't wait for Christmas break to just cuddle up next to the fire place and read some books or binge some How I Met Your Mother.

But enough about me, how was your week? Comment below! Also if you have any suggestions about some DC-related posts you'd enjoy reading note that as well!


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