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A Year In Review

2017, I'm generally happy to see you go but you had some sweet moments...


Was the beginning of what felt like the end for this country. I'm not going to lie, I was one of those "terrified liberals" when Trump was elected but after his inauguration, I attended one of the most eye-opening events in my life: The Women's March on Washington. I was part of that fight and shout for equality, which was one of the best feelings in the world.


I pulled off an amazing surprise for my mom's 50th and my best friends 19th birthday which both fall on February 10. I flew from DC to Tennessee to surprise my mom and spend the night dancing with my friends. It was an amazing weekend. Not to mention I came back to a boy in DC who I could finally call my boyfriend.


For my Spring Break I was supposed to go to New York City with my roommate but when my friend's mom passed away, I canceled my plans and flew out to New Mexico to spend the week with her. A week after that, my younger brother came to DC for his spring break all alone. 15 years old, I picked him up from the airport and we spent the week hanging out and exploring. Although I had work and school, I had trusty friends to hang out with him while I was busy and feed him with meal swipes.


Was the end of midterm season and three of my DC friends had their birthdays. To celebrate two who had their's in the same week, a few of us went to Baltimore for the weekend. We took the train out of our city to another, we tried crab fries and old bay (as per recommendation by my Maryland-native roommate ) and watched cute Red Socks play baseball.


Marked the end of my first year at American University and the end of an era dealing with the belligerent Anderson 6N. My roommate and I would be living together again the following year but it was hard to believe that my first year of college was over. In the blink of an eye, DC was my home and all of a sudden I'd have to wait three months to return to it.


Was spent traveling the continent of Europe with my best friend. We went to Paris, Chateaux, Bordeaux, Madrid, Porto, Barcelona, Thessaloniki, and a few places in between. It was beautifully peaceful, unbearably hot, and utterly catastrophic. We drank a lot of wine, lounged on the beach and explored the sites. It was the best trip of my life.


Can be defined as the best and worst month of 2017. I returned from Europe and three days later went on a road-trip with my Dad to Minnesota and Wisconsin. I met my cousins' two kids for the first time and fell in love instantly. I saw my Aunt's new house. And I received a call from my best friend saying her older sister had passed away in a car accident. I drove from Wisconsin to Tennessee in 15 hours, went straight to her house and spent the next week and a half by her side. It was the worst few weeks of my life following some of the best.


I traveled back to the other side of the country to visit my friend in New Mexico (again). We spent the few weeks I was out there to lounge around, shop at target, and go to her home town and hangout with her Dad. In the middle of that trip, I flew up to Utah to meet my boyfriend's family and stay with them for a few days. After the whirlwind of the summer, it was exactly what I needed.


Taught me that 'taking an opportunity' can mean leaving a toxic environment. I struggled with juggling school, an internship, and two jobs all while dealing with the personal issues of life. I had returned to my beloved DC and jumped head first into all the commitments I had made. I was stressed but blessed. Thankfully, it slowed down. Eventually.

Oh and I turned 19, so that was 'fun'.


Was a month of 'treating myself'. I saw Halsey (my favorite artist) in concert, visited Massachusetts with my boyfriend for fall break, and celebrated his 20th birthday right before Halloween. It was a month of fun experiences, trying new things, and reminding myself it's okay to take a break every now and again.


Had the stress of midterms and thoughts of finals ahead but with the Thanksgiving break, I could just come home and relax for a few days. I was home for an entire week which allowed me to finally get my driver's license, hang out at my girl friend's apartment for Friendsgiving, and reflect on all that I have to be thankful for.


Was spent appreciating old friends, making new ones, and building stronger relationships. A close friend of mine visited from Sweden and I adored my few hours with her. Similarly, I met up with several friends for coffee or dinner along the course of December both in DC and when I came home to Tennessee. It's been nice to spend quality time with some of the people I love most.

So here's to 2018, I hope you're a good one.

Happy New Years everyone. Stay safe, make goals, and keep smiling.


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