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New Years Goals: Pros, Cons, and Improvements

New Year, New Me?

Recently, I've been conflicted with what to think or feel about New Years Resolutions. Personally, I have always created goals at the beginning of the year because I also make them at the beginning of each month and sometimes even the beginning of the week.

In fact, I would consider most of my 'To Do' Lists to be seen as daily goal lists.

But I have seen a lot of negativity within recent years towards 'New Years Resolutions'. Criticisms such as why do you need to wait for a new year to become a better person, why not start now? Or a general dislike for the 'new year, new me' posts.

And while I see some validity in this, I think it's also positive to give yourself goals to strive for. I don't mean in the sense that if you want to eat healthier in July, you have to wait for the New Year. But I think that reflecting over the past year, setting aside what you'd like to keep doing, and what you'd like to try is a 'recipe for success', if you will. Because how can you 'reach for the stars' without a game plan? (Maybe that's just the type A personality in me though).

So without further adieu, here are my New Years 'resolutions' or 'goals' that I hope to stick with throughout 2018:

1) Create a projected annual budget

2) Track spending month by month and try to save 10%-25% of each paycheck

3) Read 2 books per month for pleasure

4) Volunteer more and donate to charity when you can

5) Go into the city more to explore (with or without friends)

6) Please try to go to the gym, your body will thank you later

7) Aim to stop using plastic but reduce it in general

8) Eat in season (it's better for the planet and for your budget)

9) Try essential oils and herbal remedies

10) Buy what you need, not just what you want

11) Try something new once a week and a new hobby once a month

12) Stick to a consistent sleep schedule

13) Spend less time on your phone and more time in conversation

14) Dedicate an appropriate time to academics - create a study schedule at the beginning of each semester

15) Remember to write - it'll make you feel better

While some of these goals are specific, others give me wiggle room to play around with trying new things.

I've noticed, for example, since starting University I have had much less time (and honestly energy) to read for pleasure. So giving myself a goal to do something I'll enjoy, makes me feel like not only am I prioritizing reading but also myself.

Similarly, 2017 has made me much more environmentally conscious which is why two of my goals are to be even more environmentally aware with plastic and eating in season (as much as I can).

Maybe you've noticed by now that I call them New Years goals rather than resolutions. I'm not sure if I think there to be a specific difference but I know some people do. Frankly I think they're essentially the same, with 'resolutions' having a hint more pressure to complete each and every one on the list.

Regardless, I think if you view New Years resolutions or goals to be an overarching theme/game plan for the new year I think it's an acknowledgement that you're not perfect. However, also remember not to get too glued into the specifics of these goals. And maybe halfway through the year or a little earlier or even a little later, you won't have any interest in that goal any more. I think that's perfectly fine because the goals you set in January are not necessarily a reflection of the goals you have in August.

Just as you change throughout the year, let your goals reflect what you feel is best for you to prioritize at the time.

That being said, what are some of your 2018 goals?

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