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A Letter About My Storytelling Experience

Anytime I've applied for a position to do with communication, I tell the interviewer that I have been familiar with Social Media tactics since I was 15 years old as a Communications Assistant. Although I have plenty of prior experience in the social media realm, taking Story Telling with Emerging Media has changed how I see myself as a digital storyteller.

First and foremost, the concept of design thinking completely changed how I approach things. I had done a similar version of it all the time in my classes as the 'Scientific Method' but in my non-science classes, I never thought to utilize it. As a double major in International Relations, I even learned how to apply a similar method in terms of Research. Yet it had never crossed my mind to use it in journalism and reporting.

Although I had been familiarized with mobile and web video, I enjoyed that I could build on my skills particularly in PremierPro. I have created few videos in my journalistic career but it's certainly something I would like to get better at.

Game design was probably the most challenging but most exciting portion of this class for me. I was able to create a game about a topic (Ocean Acidification) that I am extremely passionate about and learn how to use it in a storytelling manner for reporting. Being able to turn something I would usually write an article about or make a video for, it was extremely interesting to turn that into a game that I could have the audience interact with.

Learning how news organizations use social media was an interesting but not necessarily new dynamic of my classes. As PR Director of AWOL, I found it very intriguing to see how I could further my social media usage on behalf of an organization though!

Incorporating an entirely new field of 360 video was very fascinating yet frustrating for me. Although I managed to work in a fantastic group, I was not a huge fan of this sort of project. I felt that 360 video is meant for only very specific content that it limits rather than encourages creative storytelling.

However, I do think that the usage of drones for digital storytelling can be a phenomenal route to bring an audience to a location without fear of harming the journalists. I found the drone footage we explored in class to be great works of reporting and captivating in how the stories were told.

Finally, this course has taught me the importance of experimentation, collaboration, and innovation. Every single project forced me to go outside of my comfort-zone and find a way to make something new out of something I may not be entirely familiar with. Likewise, working with a group in every project encouraged me to find a way to delegate all tasks evenly across the group. Lastly, innovating a way to tell a story without creating a "look-alike" was a difficult but fun task to attempt to tackle.

As a digital storyteller, I think I am now less afraid to try new things rather than sticking to conventional or traditional reporting. Rather than just writing an article, I am interested to tell stories about other sorts of topics that can be transformed into another platform.

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