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“Are you paying with cash or card,” she asked mid-yawn.

As the line grew longer, she sighed and mumbled under her breath, there’s no way to tell if her shift is coming to a close or just beginning. Handing the customer her cup of tea, the customer smiles widely before walking away. The woman at The Mudbox Cafe returns to her stool behind the register, hunched over her phone, looking more than ready to leave.


Four students chat loudly over the blaring music in the Davenport Coffee Lounge. Friendly banter amongst the group is exchanged as they sit on a wide mauve couch in front of a long marble table, contemplating how wide and tall to make their jenga tower. Unsure which member will make the fateful choice, someone readjusts their sitting position, causing a shake and tumble to the tower. Laughing, the group scoops the blocks and moves on to play Monopoly.


With few flowers left, the drab shrubbery of the School of International Service’s green roof sits plainly decorated with few orange and yellow petals remaining. Surrounded by empty metal chairs and tables, the bypassers walk in quick strides to escape the cold. Filled with students and faculty, the coffee shop serves as a refuge from the bitter outdoor breeze. Tomorrow, depending on the temperature, the opposite will be the case. But for now, the planter remains in solitude.


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