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Great Tales of Horror

History shows us that time and time again,

The tale of a woman wrongly falling in love with an evil, tortured soul

Today we see this as an example of prolonging toxic interactions

We yell s e x i s m

And p a t r i a r c h y

Because a man wrote of the man he wanted to be and the woman he wanted to save

But no one ever questions the disregard of the woman

And the pattern of the woman fitting similar molds

Perhaps woven by a reality experienced

And the white knight coming to her rescue, stepping in to show her “true love”

Without even listening to the woman screaming

“my love, my love, my love”

whispering for him [the white knight] to please

for the love of god,

stop, stop, stop

Enchanted with desire

Passion and lust

Consumed by the flames

And maddened by the horizons of new-found freedoms

But these traits are unexpected out of a naïve woman

Under the assumption:

She knows little to nothing of what she wants

Because [he] the white knight knows what she



This is not for her or frankly about her

He does it for the claim to victory and the woman as a plus

Demolish the competition and save the towered girl

Because the girl is the metal for the ultimate prize:


But did anybody ever stop to ask:

Whether or not the girl built her own tower

And touched the tortured soul

For the sake of her own power

Her own will

Her own being?

She knew the darkness she was walking in to

And chose not to light the candle

Not out of fear for what she’d see

But out of knowing she could see in the dark

Because what could possibly be darker

Than a man kidnapping your heart and stealing your freedom?

#poetry #prose

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