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2018: A Year in Review

Dear 2018,

You taught me the art of growing up. A year filled with resilience, opportunity, and love, this year brought me new places, new friendships, and new experiences.


I surprised my boyfriend for New Years, traveling 1,610 miles to Ogden, Utah. I decided to go through formal spring recruitment, where I became a member of Sigma Delta Tau and found a group of amazing women who embraced my quirky blue hair and feisty attitude. I started the new year off on the right foot.


I got the best "big" a girl could ask for, who showered me with gifts, love, and support. I went to my first Founder's Day Ball for American University at the Smithsonian African American History museum. Brandon&I celebrated our one-year anniversary, and I fell even more in love with him than I was before (sorry for the sap).


I visited New York City for the very first time with one of my best friends for the College Media Association's conference. Sent for AWOL, I spent three full days in NYC, eating amazing pizza and seeing the bustling city. For Spring Break, I took Brandon to Tennessee, bringing him to Clarksville and Nashville for him to meet my more of my family and see where I had spent the past four years of my life.


I celebrated my friends' birthdays and began studying for midterms, drowning in them actually. In the midst of it all, AWOL was working on its 23rd edition where I wrote an investigative long-form piece about mental health on AU's campus.


I finished my second year at AU being voted as the next semester's Editor-In-Chief for AWOL and Marketing Chair for Sig Delt. I went to some of my close friends' graduations, knowing I would be walking across that same stage next year. I moved out of my college dorm and into my very first DC apartment, thanks to the help of my mom and younger brother (thanks for driving 14 hours with me to unpack and move things in the atrocious heat)


I started my summer internship at American International Health Alliance (AIHA), spent time with friends in the city, and lounged at my rooftop pool while beginning my summer classes (International Research and French).


I kept busy during the one-year anniversary of a close friends' passing. I celebrated the fourth of July in the awful DC heat, explored the Great Falls with my then-roommate/close friend/sorority sister, and worked part time on the weekends at a coffee shop.


My roommate Colleen moved out, and Brandon moved in. We unpacked his stuff, rearranged furniture, and went apartment shopping. I ended my summer internship, taking with me a great deal of work experience and a great relationship with my supervisor. I met up with my sorority girls again and prepared for my final year at AU to begin.


I started my part-time job as a Nanny, Program Leader for an AU freshman course, and Editor-In-Chief of AWOL. I turned 20 years old and celebrated with my closest friends. I was showered in love and spent every September weekend loving every second.


I met the new members of Sig Delt from fall recruitment, turned in a list for a little, and went 1:1 with my little (Sophie). I took a week off in the middle of October for fall break, hopped on a plane and visited my best friend studying abroad in Italy. I stayed with her in Sorrento and we visited Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Positano, and the Baths of Princess Regina Giovanna. Coming back, I felt sad to leave that beautiful country but excited to shower my new little with gifts, affection, and appreciation.


Brandon and I spent our first thanksgiving together, in DC, cooking and baking. During the short but much-needed break, we watched movies, lounged in the apartment, and went around the city. When everyone returned home from their holiday, I hosted friendsgiving at the apartment with some of my beloved gal pals.


In the midst of finals, Brandon&I hosted a Christmas party with friends where we played "Share your top 3 sins" (a game I made up after the party had started), wore ugly Christmas sweaters, took polaroids, and listened to cheesy Christmas music. My younger brother turned 17, which still shakes me to my core because when I was 17 I was graduating high school. I visited the Smithsonian Zoolights with my big and little, trying amazing Japanese food at a whole in the wall place downtown DC. I flew home, spent time with my family, met my brother's girlfriend, celebrated my best friend's older brother's engagement, and will be flying back to DC just in-time to celebrate New Years with Brandon.

2019 will be filled with even more adventures, new beginnings, and opportunities. And I just can't wait for it all.

Happy New Year!

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