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Calm Sunday #4

It's been a while since one of these bad boys so I figured I might as well bring these bad boys back.

Best Part of The Week: This is a bit two-fold. The first best part of my week would have to be Christmas Eve and going to the midnight service at the Christ Lutheran Church (where my mom works as the Music Director). Singing the songs and lighting the candles, there's always something so peaceful about the whole thing. The second was going to see the new Mary Poppins my mom and younger brother. The movie was just so wholesome and generally warm, so I left the theater in a delightful mood.

Worst Part of The Week: Packing up the last of my belongings at my home in Tennessee into a storage unit. Other than the sheer physical annoyance of lugging heavy bins around town, there was something symbolically bittersweet.

Something I'm Grateful For: My mom. The woman who raised me to be the strong, independent woman I am today. Other than being a kick-ass mom, she's my best friend. (So if you're reading this mom, I love you!)

Something I'm Looking Forward To: New Years. There's something so refreshing and cleansing about a new year, a new month. Brandon & I will be going to Old Town Alexandria for dinner, fireworks, and evening stroll.

Random Question - What do you typically have for breakfast?: Eggs or a bagel with a bowl of fresh fruit but boy do I love some eggs.

Sitting in the Nashville airport, I'm so close to my queen size bed, my amazing one-bedroom apartment with Brandon, and one of my favorite US cities. I have a good feel about this new week, this new month, and this new year.... And I wish you the very as well.

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