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Calm Sunday #5

I feel like it's the colder months that we need to remind ourselves what we're most grateful for (I guess if you're in the US this makes sense since there's an entire holiday for it right in the midst of this time). So although I'm not going to force myself to commit to a weekly "Calm Sunday," I do have a goal to do them at least once a month and if more come out, then good for me! Because let's be honest - this is more for personal reflections then anyone else's interest.

Best part of the week: Friendsgiving! Although I'm not much of a thanksgiving person, friendsgiving is probably one of my favorite events. From everyone bringing their personal dishes to the warming conversations to even just wearing a literal comfy sweater, I love simple/calm friendsgiving.

Worst part of the week: I've definitely been working a lot lately but I've been trying to just keep the big picture in mind. This seems to be one of the hardest points of my life so far but hopefully it will pass!

Something I'm grateful for: My Sig Delt "fam." My glittle was just initiated into the sorority on Wednesday and it was nice to attend and get post-initiation coffee with my little and her. That organization has completely changed my life and brought me some of my closest friends since I went through recruitment my sophomore year of college so it was nice to be able to give them the same welcome I had.

Something I'm looking forward to: My mom is coming to DC for thanksgiving! I knew I wouldn't be able to take too much time off for the holidays so she'll be coming up to me and we'll be spending thanksgiving in my little apartment. It'll certainly be different but I can't wait to just see her again and maybe bring her around DC!

Random Question - When Scrolling Through Social Media, Do You Prefer Posts From Celebrities Or From Your Best Friends: So this is actually a great question because I realized I hate seeing celebrity posts on my timeline/feed. When I'm scrolling I definitely want to see people I know and what they're up to. When it's celebrities, I feel like it's an ad and I just get annoyed with the content so I tend to unfollow most celebrities (or not follow them at all and just randomly look at their accounts if I'm in the mood to). I just like seeing people I know and what they're doing and how their lives are going.

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