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Calm Sunday #6

Best part of the week: My mom came to town! Having my family live in Tennessee makes it difficult to visit throughout the year, especially now that I'm no longer in school and working a lot, so having her drive up to see me for a few days was really nice. We watched Frozen II on Thanksgiving, cooked a ton of food, explored Georgetown a bit, went out for brunch, saw Harriet at the Georgetown theater with the reclining seats, and just had a really good time together.

Worst part of the week: There honestly wasn't a "worst" part of my week. I managed to get a few days off work but of course had to return once the holiday was over but I guess that's just how life goes.

Something I'm grateful for: I had a bunch of things to say about this on thanksgiving so I'll just share my little montage to my friends and family that I made

Something I'm looking forward to: Winter and Christmas and