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Calm Sunday #7

Best part of the week: This wouldn't really qualify as just the week but my boyfriend and I have decided to move to the west coast (starting with Utah where his family currently lives) so we're in the process of moving and packing but we finalized paperwork with the new apartment we'll be moving into and that was pretty exciting.

Worst part of the week: Going to the emergency room, feeling super sick, getting tested for COVID-19, praying it wasn't covid, finding out I have pneumonia. Thankfully I got my covid results back the next day which were negative (!!) but it hasn't been the best week for me physically.

Something I'm grateful for: My amazing girl gang. The minute I texted my friends that I had to go to the ER, two of them (who live a block away) offered to drive me there and back (risking exposing themselves if I did have covid). And to top it off, yesterday, my amazing friends delivered a goodbye gift (no contact of course): a framed custom color palette called "Katya's Washington DC" matching colors to things that meant a lot to me during my time in the city as well as a homesick Washington, DC candle. This thoughtful little gift from my friends, especially during this pandemic and being sick myself, really just brightened my day.

Something I'm looking forward to: My next adventure: moving to Utah, driving around the west coast, deciding what city to live in next, and generally this next chapter in my life. I'm going to miss DC greatly: my friends, my apartment/neighborhood, weekend monumenting, visiting the museums, grabbing brunch at my favorite restaurants, even just taking the metro.