Howard Students on the College Admissions Scandal


Interview a non-AU college student attending college in the DC area.  You need to get one good interview—you may need to do two and pick one if your first person is not responsive or willing to give you the time you need. You will work in a team of two.  Each of you will do your own interviews, separately, shooting and editing.  
You will edit your interview into a 90-second video and post it to the class blog. Post the video with a headline and a byline on the blog. 

The video needs to have an on-camera ID of your person, name, and college.  Be sure to get: 
This info:  Get it first so that you don’t waste time talking to someone and have them say they don’t want this published.  State purpose of the interview, that it’s for a class blog but could be published also elsewhere, although we’re not planning on that at this point.




Professor: Jane Hall

Final Project

#MeToo at American University


The purpose of the final project is to produce engaging media content as part of a collaboration with Prof. Amy Eisman’s Writing for Convergent Media class. Each spring, her class completes a deep-dive reporting project centered around a current issue, like trigger warnings and free speech, what it means to be hungry in D.C., or the transition soldiers face reentering civilian life. This year, her class is focusing on the #MeToo movement.


Traditionally, her students submit written stories and photos to their class website (which they also build from the ground up, each time). Our class is partnering with her class to offer more content. For example, maybe we can produce a news game, a FB Live roundtable interview or a 360° video that helps her students tell their stories better. You might complete something that complements a given story or you might produce something that is simply related to the topic at large.

You should take all the experiences and knowledge you gained this semester and use it as inspiration for your project. Going all the way back to design thinking, on our first day of class, you might ask the question: “How might we produce engaging digital content centered around #MeToo?”



Professor: Jeremiah Patterson

Audio Slideshow


Assignment: One minute to 90 seconds of an audio-photo slideshow using Adobe Premiere Pro for editing digital audio and stills. Needs to include interviews, natural sound, but NO reporter voiceover narration. This is a story told by the subject, in his/her words and the sounds of the event. 

Professor: Mark McDonald

Music Produced by Hobbes Duende

360 Video

Katzen Art Museum 360 Tour

Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is for you to experiment with recording and producing 360° video. You will produce engaging video content and write a short story that compliments your video. However, the video must also be able to stand alone on YouTube or Facebook.

Professor: Jeremiah Patterson

Mobile & Web Video

Zero Waste Club On AU's Campus

Assignment: The third video will be 30-60 seconds long and will be a combination of words and pictures (still and moving). You will tell a story with titles over the video. You are free to use video, still photos or a combination of both. Be careful not to use still photos if video would be more appropriate. Pick an interesting topic. You can use sound bites in your story but it’s not required. Don’t use any reporter voice-over — the subtitles will guide the viewer through the story. You can use music if you think it’s appropriate. This video style will be similar to the one you produced in class as an exercise.

Professor: Jeremiah Patterson

Video Story


Assignment: A video which tells a story, using the voices of the subjects interviewed and natural sounds of the event. You will shoot, edit, and upload the completed video to a YouTube account.
Professor: Mark McDonald

Video Presentation


As a Lab "Urban Environment" we were required to complete an overview of a 10 block neighborhood. Our observations led to an analysis of Human Safety and Light. This video is an edited compilation of the effects of light pollution in relation to human safety as a mid-segment of a presentation.  
TA: Tori Hash

Social Media Campaign


Assignment: All semester, you will have the opportunity to think of ways to create meaningful products that can help our non-profit partner. This may be in the form of a poster, brochure, photo essay, PSA, promotional video, PR campaign, social media outlets, etc. We will work as one large group to present your work on the last day of class.
Group Members: Brianna Crummy, George Gerardi, Diamante Parrish, and Emily Yankana
Professor: Patrick Flynn

PSA (Public Service Announcement)


Assignment: This is not a production class, and I do not expect sterling production quality!  The PSA assignment is an opportunity to spread your wings, get creative and familiarize yourself with foundational techniques for putting together a video with a strong message (a Call to Action, in our case) driven by powerful--even if minimal--"writing", and visual images that propel your story and message. 

Professor: Cecilia Simon